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Dedicated To The Unsung

I'm thrilled to announce the pre-sales launch of my new book, “The Alchemist's Guide to Product Creation.” However, it's a bittersweet moment, charged with a mix of excitement and frustration.

With over two decades in the product creation field (let's overlook those early years of learning the ropes), this book is the culmination of my journey. It's impossible not to reflect on this career span, savoring the highs and coming to grips with the lows.

My career highlight? The incredible people I've had the privilege to work alongside - intelligent, witty, and incredibly talented individuals. These relationships, some still ongoing, others faded into the backdrop, are fond memories that fuel my happiness. As a look back, it was never about the products I made. It was always the great time I had with the other members of my many teams.

On the flip side, the most challenging aspect of my career has also been the people. I've encountered far to many inauthentic individuals who have exploited their authority, created toxic environments that drain the life out of those just trying to earn a living.

This dichotomy is the source of my frustration. The true heroes of our industry, the creators, engineers, and marketers, work tirelessly, pouring their expertise into their craft. In contrast, some higher-ups, clinging desperately to their power, who more times than not steer the ship off course, despite the pleas from their diligent teams.

Staggeringly, it's reported that software initiatives fail up to 70% of the time; let’s be a little generous and say there is a 50% failure rate. It's a figure unimaginable in any other industry. Can you envision entering a field where half of your efforts are predestined to fail? Can you imagine buying a product that was known to fail 50% of the time? It’s unheard of.

Here is the worst part: It is entirely avoidable. The issue lies primarily with those who misuse their power and refuse to put the success of their teams and their products above their personal ambitions. The skilled professionals on the ground know the systemic flaws that must be addressed. Yet, the decision-makers often seem oblivious to the glaring deficiencies that plague their track records.

“The Alchemist's Guide to Product Creation” is a tribute to the unsung heroes of product creation who've been sidelined in the development cycles they've navigated. In the end I guess it's not really frustration I feel, but rather, a readiness for the necessary battle ahead.

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