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Strength & Respect

Updated: Mar 10

Sarah is, by far, my most beloved sort of leader. The kind that never aspired to lead but rather answered the call when it came knocking. I won’t venture into a political tirade. Still, I do find it intriguing to consider implementing an insanely complex process for selecting our leaders, one that requires filing hours and hours of paperwork to be considered to run along with a great deal of money, only to reward anyone who completes the application by permanently denying anyone who completes the task from ever holding office again. In my writing, I am drawn to the idea that the most competent individuals desire no part in the political nonsense that goes hand-in-hand with leading a group of people.

In Sarah's case, the community she calls home has a capable leader in Benedict. While Sarah does her utmost to represent her people in the finest possible light, she understands that she will always remain in Benedict's shadow. Leading everyone was never her intention. But, when the moment called for it, she did not shrink from the challenge.

This is the sort of person I admire. In truth, I would relish the opportunity to work for such an individual. Sarah is, in essence, a combination of a few exceptional women I have worked for, all of whom I found genuinely exceptional. They taught me how to lead a team more effectively than any of the men under whom I have worked for.

Sarah is the post-apocalyptic version of a woman I once worked with in Northern California, who was brilliant, kind, poised, and an absolute force to be reckoned with. Quietly, she inspired me when I was floundering, attempting to make sense of the world. Working for her was a highlight of my career.

Where Sarah truly shines, however, is in her encounters with The Curator and the diverse time periods he transports her to. The gift of witnessing so many distinct cultures and individuals enriched her greatly. She harnessed these experiences and became one of the most remarkable leaders in history.

It all comes back to one of my core beliefs. Money, power, and fame only amplify a person's natural tendencies. Provide a selfish individual with money, and they become even more selfish. Grant a cruel individual power and their cruelty will intensify. Yet, their compassion is magnified when a caring individual is given a fortune.

That is Sarah's essence. She was bestowed with truth and, in turn, amplified that truth throughout the world.

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