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Why Alchemy?

(Before you get started, I know what you are going to say: “Who writes like this?”. I know. I know. I am practising the style and tone for the book, so bear with me.)

For many a year, folks have come to me with the notion of penning a tome to chronicle my adventures in the realm of product creation. 'Twas never a formal request, merely whispered suggestions from those I have guided or colleagues with whom I have journeyed. This idea took root in the recesses of my mind, nestled within the alcove labelled, "Perchance...One Day..."

Now, I have always found solace in the written word, whether as a reader seeking to flee the confines of reality or as an author, conjuring realms and tales of my own. The empty parchment has never struck fear in my heart, for I am blessed with the ability to retreat into the theatre of my imagination and transcribe the scenes that unfold before me. This gift has served me well in crafting tales of science fiction, fantasy and the like. Yet, blending the fantastical world of my stories with the practical matters of my livelihood seemed a curious match.

However, a conundrum gnawed at me as I collaborated with the many skilled individuals involved in product creation – researchers, designers, project managers, marketers, and support staff. Though they were armed with an abundance of instructional manuals, these guides often failed when the path grew treacherous. Those acquainted with the art of product creation know that derailments are an inherent part of the journey, yet the means to steer the course back to true seemed elusive to most.

During these ponderings, it dawned upon me that while many tomes provide instructions, precious few delve into the rationale behind them. In my experience as a mentor and team leader, I have discovered that understanding the 'why' is far more crucial than the 'how'. Grasping the purpose behind an action equips one with the knowledge needed to devise a plan to see it through.

The final revelation came as my work with larger organisations illuminated the fading connection between the various roles involved in product creation. Engineers, I beseech you not to merely build without considering user adoption. Designers must not labour over intricate systems without sound business reasoning. It is folly to create the most wondrous product and yet shroud it in secrecy or reveal it to the wrong audience. All these roles must be intertwined, and each granted an equal voice at the table for a product to achieve its fullest potential.

Thus, the heart of "An Alchemist's Guide to Product Creation" is to usher readers away from the mundane and into a realm where they may explore the interconnectedness of product creation. We embark on a journey filled with wonder and discovery by presenting them with vivid, unique illustrations that emphasise the 'why' over the 'how'. And, at long last, can we not indulge in a touch of whimsy and cease to take ourselves so gravely?

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