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The Skeleton In God’s Closet Will Be The Undoing Of The Thousand Years Reign 

Noah, 15, does not know that he is the end result of a breeding program set into motion over 3,000 years ago. He has lived a simple life high in the mountains alone with his parents until war angels and mysterious soldiers destroy his home, and separate him from his family. Forced to move into the city without knowing if his parents are dead or alive, Noah tries to adjust to his new world only to learn that everything he has been told about his past is a lie. The Third Age: The Rise Of The Fallen follows Noah on a journey to find the truth within his parents lies while learning that his dark past has the power to destroy the world. Set in a world where miracles are commonplace, The Third Age: Rise Of The Fallen is an exciting beginning to an epic adventure that will challenge everything you have been taught about where we have come from and where we are going.

The Third Age: Rise Of The Fallen